Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System


Mini Sprinkler irrigation system are suitable for Agriculture irrigation system. pipe & fitting are made up from 100% polyethylene granules. It also processes the IS standard mark as per IS : 12786 - 1989.

Materials : High Density & Low Density Polythylene Plastic Materials.
Product Range : Available in Size 32mm Outer diameter.
Pressure Class : Available in multiple choice of Working Pressure 0.20 Mpa to 0.40 Mpa.
Color : Black Color
Length : Available in Standard length of 100 & 300 Meter coils.


Laterals and sprinklers can be easily shifted from one place to other. Reinstallation of the system is also easy and consumes less time and labor.

  • Potato, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Strawberry, Groundnut, Mustand, Pulses, Tea & Nursery.
  • Useful for frost control 00C to 30C
  • Creation of Micro Climatic Conditions.


  • Uniform water application maintains optimum soil moisture ratio.
  • Uniform germination.
  • No Soil Erosio - soil conservation
  • Fine droplets and shorter irrigation intervals creates micro climatic conditions, beneficial for crop.
  • Uniform application of fertilizer - ever for organic manure application.
  • Frost protection
  • Easy to install & dismantle
  • Being a versatile system, can be used for 2-3 crops each year.
  • Distance between sprinklers:8-12 mtr.
  • Low operation rate:4-5 mm/hr
  • Low operation pressure, thus energy saving.
  • Environment friendly, avoids leaching of soil & fertilizers in ground water.
  • Durable and weather resistance - long life span


  • Uniform distribution of water under normal wind conditions.
  • Efficient utilization and saving of water.
  • More area to be bought under irrigation as compare to surface irrigation
  • Suitable for slopping land.
  • Saving in labout.