HDPE PLB Ducts are manufactured using high grade of HDPE with inner layer of Anti Oxidant content and other recommended additives. The inner layer is silicon coated which minimizes the friction between OFC and the duct during the process of blowing the cable into the ducts, thus providing smooth installation. PLB HDPE duct consists of two concentric layers, the outer layer being HDPE; co-extruded with an inner uniform layer of solid silicone permanent lubricant, to reduce the internal co-efficient of friction.PLB Duct Pipes are used as underground cable conduits for optical fiber cables, communication cables etc. and are suitable for cable installation by blowing tor pulling by rope techniques.

Hdpe Plb Duct Pipe

Tests Are Conducted In Routine On Telecom Ducts

  • Visual inspection on outer and inner surface.
  • Dimensions - Diameter and thickness.
  • Tensile strength and elongation.
  • Reversion test.
  • Impact strength.
  • Quality test.
  • Coil test.
  • Hydraulic characteristics.

Advantages Of Prime PLB HDPE Duct

  • Internally lubricated so that the cable flows smoothly without any friction while blowing / pulling Leak proof joints
  • Durability
  • Superior protection in harsh environment
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Non toxic
  • Traceable
  • Cost effective & permanent


DOLPHIN PLB Duct cable ducts are used for guiding and protecting cables used for telecommunications, data transmission, energy and electric power transmission lines.

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