Drip Irrigation System

Micro irrigation is today’s need because World water resources are fast diminishing. The one and only answer to this problem is Dolphin Drip Irrigation Systems.The name which you can trust, the only manufacturer of all drip irrigation components.

a. Emitting Pipe

Emitting Pipe play a key role in irrigation systems. We manufactuere emitting pipes from virgin special grade polyethylene. Resistant to ultra violet (UV) radiation and other environmental effects.

Drip Irrigation Fittings
Special Features
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Foolproof jointing
  • Corrosion proof
  • Wide range of pressure ratings
  • Resistant to shock
  • Exceptional durability
  • Lowest lifetime cost

b. Lateral Pipes

Delivers uniform water flow into the roots of the crop via precisely punched holes. The Driptech tubing requires no expensive and complex emitters, eliminating the top cause for clogging. To adjust for the size of a land plot, a farmer needs to just scale up or down the number of Driptech rolls.

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