Company Concept

The philosophy of Dolphin is just what Dolphin itself implies, endlessly Hunt Top both in products and services, to build win-win relationships with customers. To succeed requires the Top standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environment on which we have an impact.

Dolphin sticks to its core values of Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Learning, Enthusiasm and construct the company into a leading company with advanced technology, talented team, excellent management, powerful execution, good achievement and fast growth.


We behave with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do and say. Conducting operations with integrity is always at the heart of our corporate responsibility. Respect for Human Rights forms part of Dolphin's Policy and Strategy, establishing as core principles respect for the individual and his individualism, integrity and ethical behaviour.

We've worked hard to create products that are honest and authentic, just like us. They reflect the culture of Integrity: not flashy or fancy, but highly dedicated to doing the right thing for our clients and society.


Setting up new lines of business and launching products are some of the challenges that our employees tackle on a daily basis. Working in such a dynamic sector and standing up there among the best is only possible thanks to professionals with initiative, the ability to accommodate strategic and changes, find solutions and take risks. Dolphin people make innovations in concept, mechanism, technology, management, products, design and materials development, underpinned by operational excellence in manufacturing and materials.


Dolphin is strongly committed to protecting the Environment through the continuous improvement of its Products and Services to make them compatible with sustainable development.

Dolphin cares about its consumers, and the community, equally as important, we care about each other.

We are working towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.


Long-term success is something more than just developing good products, which is based on the value that each employee brings to the company. That’s why our company is determined to contribute, through ongoing training plans, to the professional and personal growth of each and every one of the Dolphin people. By effectively creating a learning atmosphere, Dolphin has managed to let employees share information, experience, technology and knowledge.


We have a passion for bettering home and garden living, and the dedication to provide a high level of quality and service. That’s something we’re proud of and we are all personally committed to achieving. Dolphin is always enthusiastic to take on challenges and aim to make a positive impact in many ways: through our brands & products, our commercial operations and relationships, through voluntary contributions, and through the other ways in which we engage with society. With continued enthusiasm and an open mind, Dolphin copes with changes and aggressively makes progress.


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